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Artist: Bob Natkin, Title: Untitled (Republican Nat'l Convention) - click on image to enlarge
Bob Natkin
Untitled (Republican Nat'l Convention)
1952 | Gelatin silver print | 9.5 x 6.5 in.  
1950s print.
Bob Natkin: Photographs

Bob Natkin was an extremely talented photographer whose remarkable work embraced his beloved Chicago. He went from being a student in pre-med to being an Air Force gunner photographer during World War II.

Afterwards, Natkin became a professional, primarily photographing people in their environments all over the city in every conceivable situation. He also made remarkable images on a trip to Mexico in 1948, capturing the people in ways quite unanticipated by those who had commissioned the work. These disparate scenarios have in common Natkin's skillful technique and compassionate rendering. However these images have been all but lost and forgotten save for the efforts of his sons Paul and William.. Paul Natkin, also a lifelong Chicagoan, has made a highly successful career for himself as a photographer of musicians and celebrities and has wanted for years to bring his father's accomplishments to light.

Stephen Daiter Gallery is very pleased to present the first major retrospective of the photography of Bob Natkin at mid-twentieth century. These images, taken in the 5 year period of 1948 to 1953 constitute a priceless contribution to both art and history.

4 Nov
31 Dec


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