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Harry Callahan (American, 1912-1999) was born in Detroit. He had no formal training as a photographer and according to his own writings he was 'terrifically naive,' which he considered his great strength. He was a hobbyist until 1941, when he saw work by  Ansel Adams and was then inspired to search for his own photographic style. Throughout his career, Callahan explored a number of different subjects including landscapes, city streets and pedestrians. He masterfully offered glimpses of the ordinary elements of life in an elegant, modernist style. Callahan also explored many different techniques including the use of extreme contrast, collage, multiple and time exposures, and camera motion. In 1946 Callahan became an Instructor at the Institute of Design (1946-49), and later Head of the Photography Department at the ID (1949-61). He went on to teach at the Rhode Island School in of Design in 1961 and finally retired in 1977 after a successful 50-year career as a photographer and educator.

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Harry Callahan

Exhibition: Eye/object
July 1 - Aug 1, 2011

Exhibition: After a Fashion
November 5 - Dec 30, 2010

Exhibition: Art Basel 39
June 4 - Jun 8, 2008

Exhibition: From Fair to Fine
November 3 - Dec 29, 2006

Exhibition: The David C. and Sarajean Ruttenberg Collection
March 10 - May 5, 2006

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